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4 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence CBSE is Good for  Education

These days Artificial Intelligence has become a topic that everyone is talking about. It is obvious because in this fast moving world having a knowledge of technology is a necessity. 

Although we all see that use of digital tools increase in our lives during COVID.

In an annual report the screen time of school students is increased from 1 hour 15 minutes to 8 hours 39 minutes per day.
[Source: Annual Report of Nonprofit Common Sense Media].

One industry which has become more technology oriented is education. As schools got shut every teacher and student was thinking how they would complete the syllabus, exams and so on. It was tough for everyone, especially for schools located in small towns and villages. 

With an aim to tell everyone how to implement or use technology in education, this article will give you an exact idea of why teachers should have basic pre-knowledge of computers for teaching students.

Artificial intelligence in education conference

What does Artificial Intelligence in Education Means?

Artificial intelligence helps students learn faster and better when paired with good resources. Let’s take an example- a teacher records an hour long lecture in a video form and uploads it on a free platform like youtube. Now these lessons can be accessed by any student whenever they have doubts at any point. These tools are more accessible to higher students instead of physical classes. 

This is why many e-learning platforms reach many students across the country and world. Students can access all these lectures from the comfort of their home. With AI teachers can save lots of time and utilise that in finding new ideas of teaching and making explanations creative so every student can understand. 

Additionally, AI-powered adaptive learning platforms can cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring a more inclusive education system. These technologies, when thoughtfully implemented, have the potential to revolutionize education by fostering individualized learning experiences and promoting a supportive and equitable environment for all students.

Many School Added These Subjects in Syllabus

To connect students with technology, the government has included two subjects in the syllabus–Computer Application and Information Technology in higher classes. But here a question arises:

“How do students get the maximum knowledge from these subjects?”

Teachers who have pre-knowledge of computers can teach their students basics of technology such as preparing PPTs, making Google Docs, Excel Sheets, and many other things. These small things will allow students to become oriented with time and complete their learning with computers.

Artificial Intelligence In CBSE Schools

These days artificial intelligence became an integral part of classrooms. As per an interview of Bill Gates, he imagined a world where AI-powered tutors will offer personlised to each student. They will help kids individually to clear their head about a certain topic. While his classmates moved to more advanced topic.

[Source: Blog The Atlantic]

But as per Rose Lukin (Professor in University College London) said, AI cannot replace teachers anytime soon. She adds, artificial intelligence will free up time for teachers by collecting and analysing different type of data. So that teachers will start focusing more on which they are good at such as conducting activities, building relationship, and much more.

What Is the Application of AI in Education?

There are many things which take weeks to get complete such as checking papers, taking tests, releasing results. But now with the use of technology these things get complete within a span of days. Other advantages which students can take from artificial intelligence are stated below.

  1. Innovative Teaching

Potential time consuming tasks of teachers when completed by AI, saves lots of time so that they can focus on finding new teaching methods, making resources, and taking assessments. AI is not a threat to the teachers nor replacing them. It is introduced to deliver better education to students.

  1. Personalization

For a teacher it will be difficult to figure out all the needs of students. AI systems can analyse the needs of each student through their assessment marks and can provide personalised learning. It shows instructions for every student according to their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Grading

AI can check papers of all students with the help of answer keys within some time. Although, it can also give data about how students performed in all the tests. AI can check more abstract assessments also such as essays and letters.

  1. Feedback on Course Quality

For example- if many students are answering a particular question wrong, then AI will show it in the analysing report. By using this data teachers can deliver targeted improvements in teaching method and learning resources.

There are many other advantages of using artificial technology such as providing meaningful feedback quickly, as many students are introverted and they do not want to receive critical feedback on their answers. With AI students will get personalised learning recommendations which they can implement in their studies and improve them. 

Final Thoughts On CBSE AI For All

Topics which are well designed with technology can help students learn better and faster. Making learning easier is a part of teaching and AI is doing the same for teachers. From teaching topics, giving assignments, virtual presentations, mini-tests, and all of this is possible with the help of technology and artificial intelligence. 

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