Types of Procrastinators ft. Students Edition

Dive into this blog to determine which type of procrastinator you are and how to overcome it.

<red> July 24th, 2023 <red>

 What Type of Procrastinator Are You? Let’s Find Out!!

So, which one are you? 

Thrill-Seeker Procrastinator, Avoider-Fear Procrastinator or the Indecisive Decisional Procrastinator?

Procrastination is hard to overcome, it's like….

….One day, you clean our room and study table, hoping that it will reset your day, but a few minutes later,  you end up getting distracted again…

Procrastination is a battle between productivity and indulgence. And, pretty soon into this phase, you feel guilty even more than you enjoy “laying around and doing nothing.”

So, eventually, our regret rate >>>> enjoyment rate. 

Well, to make it more fun - We did a survey; NGL, our findings are hilarious!

The three types of procrastinators (as mentioned in the quiz above) act differently. Through this survey, we deduced exactly what you do as any of these types. 

Thrill Seeker, Last-minute Procrastinator

If you are this type of procrastinator, you can relate with these behaviours- 

1. The Last-minute Specialist - “Baad me kar lenge yaar”

You know you are this type of procrastinator if you can relate to it. 

What is the ideal circumstance for the best result? It's a last-minute panic. Nothing, I repeat; nothing works better than this. As a former student, I can vouch for it.

Just a few days before the exams, you pull all-nighters, surrounded by books, notes, energy drinks, and coffee.


Plan your week ahead > Plan your week > divide your subjects > subdivide your chapters >  and try not to gulp everything just once.

2. The Master of Distractions - “Pehle ye Reel Dekh lete hai, Phir Padhai Karenge”

Half of these thrill seekers and my problems would be solved if reels didn’t exist.

The thrill seeking procrastinator always finds something more interesting to do instead of their assignments, like scrolling through social media, playing video games, or organising their room for the hundredth time. 


Don’t wait for the perfect vibe. Create it. > Accept that its okay to start slow on some days > have a back up for such days. > Meanwhile, go on a walk, blast the music & dance. > and once you finally feel the energy coming up, put it to work.

3. The "Foodie"- “Pehle Kuch Kha Lete Hai, Phir Padhai Karenge” 

Swiggy, Zomato, aur ghar ka khana ye sab Padhai se pehle he yaad aata hai. 

Whenever these foodies sit down to study, they suddenly get struck by intense hunger and convince themselves that they must cook an elaborate meal or order takeout before they can focus on their work.


Use your love for food as a motivation > Complete a topic(s) at a time > Use your love for food as a positive reinforcement > Then, there you have it- a complete topic with filled stomach :) 

Avoider-Fear procrastination 

If you are this type of procrastinator, you can relate with these behaviours- 

4.The Naptime Enthusiast - “Padhai Ke Naam Se Hi Neend Aa Jati Hai”

By this time, agr tum har point se relate kar chuke ho toh, we are the same. (Duniya bhar ke neend padhai ke time he kyu aati hai???) 

As a Avoider-fear procrastinator, you can turn any study session into a cozy nap opportunity. You sit down with the intention to study, but soon find yourself dozing off, with textbooks and notes as makeshift pillows.  


Mil jaye toh mujhe bhi bata dena. (brb crying) 

5. The Perpetual Planner - “Study schedule, Notes and  Planning sab karke bhi, Padhai nhi ho pati hai”

As a perpetual planner with avoider-fear personality, you create intricate schedules, to-do lists, and study plans. You also invest considerable time and effort into organising your tasks. Your downfall lies in getting so caught up in planning that jiske liye schedule banaya hai wahi karna bhool jaate ho.  


Don’t over plan and overestimate yourself. > complete one topic at a time > don’t overburden yourself. 

6. The Daydreamer - “Future mai, Ghar mai Swimming Pool Hoga”

If you have ever caught yourself saying ki - “Abhi mai padhai kar nhi rha hu, karne baithna na toh Sharma ji ka ladka nahi mai karunga top” ....Toh, it calls for an Us moment.

These type of procrastinators often get Lost in a world of daydreams, and spend countless hours envisioning alternative scenarios, planning future endeavours, or simply letting their thoughts wander. 


Ghar mai swimming pool banwane ke liye bhi Padhai toh karni padegi na. 

Indecisive-Decisional Procrastination 

If you are this type of procrastinator, you can relate with these behaviours- 

7. The Binge Watcher- “Ek last episode aur dekh lete hai"


Woh last episode kabhi khatam hi nahi hota hai. And I’m sure we all have been this one. Hehe 

Instead of working on assignments or studying, these binge-watchers spend hours watching their favourite TV shows or movies, promising to start their work right after just one more episode.


Taking a break (watching movies) is acceptable as long as you don’t get comfortable. > Plan your breaks > Allow yourself to take breaks evey 50 minutes > Built-in breaks increase your efficiency

8. The Paradoxical Procrastination Solver - “Google pe how to avoid procrastination dekhte hai”

Read karne ke baad implement karna, Ye kya hota hai? 

Tum he ho ye. Iske baad Instagram chalaoge, phir “Kal se Padhenge” soch ke soo jaoge. 

These type of procrastinators get caught in a paradoxical cycle of seeking solutions to overcome procrastination while procrastinating. Ironically, instead of diving into their study materials, they impulsively turn to the internet in search of tips, ticks, and strategies to avoid procrastination.


At the thought of finding ways to avoid procrastination, start studying. 

If you could find almost every other point relatable, then this is your sign to STOP scrolling the internet, just get your books and start studying. 

I will not bore you with a lengthy conclusion, ending it with…

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