CBSE Exam Pattern 2023 Based On CBSE Sample Papers Analysis

CBSE paper pattern analysis for boards 2022-23

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CBSE Exam Paper Analysis 2023 For Board Preparation.

CBSE sample papers for Class 10 & 12 were released on September 16th, 2022. Everyone was waiting for the launch of these papers so that they can create a preparation strategy for final board exams.

Latest Changes in CBSE Exam Pattern

It is mainly because the sample papers are a good resource to understand the exam pattern and marking scheme. The level of questions is similar to board exams, and sometimes even higher so they can get some practice for competition exams as well.

Now How Are CBSE New Exam Pattern 2023 Actually Helpful ?

Practising the sample paper with a time limit (3 hours) and following all the mentioned rules of the actual exam. In this way students will manage their time much better.

  • They keep you on your toes in respect to your preparation. 
  • Understand the division of marks, types of question and develop familiarity with examination patterns. 
  • Best source of new questions which ultimately help students to practise and divide their time between multiple questions.
  • A way through which you can measure your progress. Also, reduces exam stress because students already know the pattern of questions and have a strategy to attempt the paper. 

What New Changes Are There In CBSE New Pattern 2023?

Students need to stay updated with the latest paper pattern and understand how to create strategies for good marks in the board exams. 

Competency-based Questions

CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Paper

Competency based questions are given in each section of all subjects’ exams. You will see different competencies being tested in these questions. Most found competency in English and Science is remembering and understanding. In Social Science, evaluation and analysing competencies are tested. In this year's sample papers, the number of competency-based questions are higher than the previous papers.

Mixed-type Questions

Educart CBSE Class 10 SST Sample paper 2023
Match the following question social science class 10

EDUCART CBSE Maths class 10 sample paper 2023
Maths Class 10 Sample Paper

Social Science odd one out Class 10 Question

As the name suggests, different typology of questions are used this time for creating sample papers. Match the following, case/ source-based, Assertion/ Reasoning, rearranging, finding odd one out, etc. Preparing the topic, with a point of view that any type of question, in any way can be asked in the exam.

Increase in Number of Questions

CBSE Science Sample Paper 2020-21

Educart CBSE Science Sample Paper 2023
CBSE Science Sample Paper 2022-23

These questions were added for the first time in last year term wise question papers 2021-22. Number of case based/ source based questions has increased. You will find these types of questions in previous years. Also, you can use reference books which create exact papers based on official sample papers.

Case based questions are usually based on formulas in maths, practical questions in science and in social science questions came in a passage form. So prepare every topic with concepts. It will help you to think in multiple ways regarding a particular topic. 

How to Attempt such Questions?

  • Read the question thoroughly and understand the demand of the question. 
  • Check the verbs used in questions define, find, identify, evaluate and more. 
  • Write exactly what is asked in the question. Do not cover every aspect of the answer.
  • Do not read the whole passage. Directly answer the MCQs by searching for relevant info in the passage only.
  • In MCQ-based questions, use the rule of elimination to reach the most appropriate answer.

If you are looking for subject specific things, check out this article >> Here <<. 

More and more competency-based questions have been asked in which they have different types of competencies such as evaluation, analysing, understanding, and more. Use books which offer the same papers based on CBSE guidelines. Educart first launched sample papers in the market.


What is the CBSE new pattern for Class 10 2023?

This year CBSE has changed the typology of questions in paper of Class 10. The questions include Very Short Answer (VSA) type, Short Answer(SA) type, Long Answer (LA), and Competency-based question.

What is the CBSE board exam pattern 2023 class 12?

The term-wise paper pattern in get cancelled and traditional once-a-year exam will be held this year. New typology of questions has been added, and according to that Marking scheme has also changed.

What will be the pattern of the board exam 2023?

The paper pattern gets back to normal once-a-year pattern. Total marks are 100 from which 20 or 30 marks will be given to practicals and the remaining marks to CBSE final paper. Competency-based questions have 40% weightage, Objective-type has 20%, Short Answer/Long Answer-type Questions 40%.

Competency-based Questions in Accordance to CBSE

Competency based questions are given in each section of all subjects’ exams. You will see different competencies being tested in these questions. In this year's sample papers, the number of competency-based questions are higher than the previous papers.

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