NTA CUET (UG) - 2022 Mock Tests

Official CUET 2022 Mock Tests uploaded by NTA on their official website. New typology of MCQs explained and solutions provided.

<red> June 25th, 2022 <red>

Official NTA Mock Tests (Sample Papers) for CUET (UG) - 2022 made available on the NTA Website

NTA has just now uploaded their online Mock Test for CUET UG 2022 on their official website. Surprisingly, there was no official announcement about this release but we, at Educart, have just introduced a complete set of subject specific books, 100% based on these official Mock Tests that you are now going to try below.

So, we have provided proper steps to follow and access these NTA Official Mock Tests for CUET (UG) - 2022

STEP 1: Go to the NTA website and click on the Mock Test option below the slideshow.

STEP 2: Find the section that says “For NTA Mock Tests of December 2018 onwards, please click here” and click on the link.

STEP 3: Register a new account and login to your Dashboard.

STEP 4: Select the CUET (UG) - 2022 option and choose the subject of which you want to take an online Mock Test.

General guidelines for the respective Mock Test (screenshot at the top) will be shown. Check the disclaimer and start practising MCQs!

STEP 5: Click on the relevant subject link to start preparing for the CUET 2022 paper by practising multiple mock papers on the exact same pattern as given by NTA above in their official Mock Tests. Educart has already included these official mock tests as well in the below books.

Subjects Official Practice
Papers Book
English Medium Hindi Medium
English View -
General Test View View
Hindi - View
Physics View View
Mathematics View View
Biology View View
Chemistry View View
Accountancy View
Business Studies View
Economics View

Since this notification was not made official, a lot of students and even publishers are completely unaware. The new type of MCQs introduced specially in domain subjects, as seen in these official mock tests are:

  • Case-based MCQs
  • Statement based MCQs
  • Assertion Reason MCQs
  • Match the following MCQs

The only problem is, these mock tests are provided in a CBT (computer-based format) and you can’t download them as PDFs. To access them (clearly printed with complete solutions) AND extra mock papers that are exactly modelled on these NTA mock tests, you can refer to the CUET books of Educart that are NOW launched!

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