CBSE Free Teachers Training Portal Registration

On the 30th of June, CBSE has begun the online training courses for teachers to improve their teaching skills
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<red> June 13th, 2022 <red>

New Update: Registrations on CBSE Free Teachers Training Portal has now begun for the June-July 2022-23 session

CBSE Online Training Portal 2022: The Digital Education Programmes run by the Central Government provide free education to teachers to improve their teaching skills. On the 30th of June 2022, CBSE opened the portal for new registrations. You can check by clicking here to know whether the seats are available in your city or not.

CBSE Free Online Training Course Registration now open for teachers

In this article, we will discuss the registration process of the CBSE training portal, and how the teachers can register on the portal.

Objective of CBSE Online Teacher Training

The main objective behind this training portal is to improve the quality of the CBSE education. The framework is to encourage children to take free and compulsory education. So, CBSE is giving training to teachers to improve their teaching skills. Teachers from any state of India can take advantage of this training. The important point here is that the training is free and you can take it from anywhere because it is online.

Below are some steps for registration on CBSE Training Portal 2022:

  1. Visit the official CBSE Training Portal.
  1. Click on the Register for Online Session Option. Two options are available there; one is for CBP and one is for a different topic. You can check that in the list by clicking on the first link.  
Two registration options for online sessions

Different training topics are given in that sheet, teachers can choose the training session according to the seats available.

List of all the online sessions/ courses that are offered for free

  1. Click on Register, and a message will show on your screen for login. 
Three options are available for participants

  1. Click on the Login option, and fill in all the details.

There are two options available for login; one is for Multiple participants and another one is for Individual Participants. If you are new to the website then click on the New Registration option. 

Registration form for individual participants

Login form for individual participants

  1. After registration or login, click on the training option which you want to take, fill in all the details and submit. 

CBSE Training Portal Contact Details

If you found any difficulty during registration, then you can contact them on their given telephone number or email ID. Below is a table in which general contact details of the CBSE training portal are mentioned, if you want more details then you can check out their contact page.

Phone Number 011-23214737, 23216963
Email ID
IT Unit
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