10 Myths Students of Class 10 can Relate To

“I wish everyone gets 95+ this year in Boards”, do you think so too?

<red> June 30th, 2023 <red>

10 Myths Students of Class 10 can relate to

Everyone around you must have told you that Class 10 is the stepping stone in life, and its really difficult unless you study all day. But what if i tell you NO, that's not the case. It’s just a myth like many other, that we often encounter in our journey of Boards. 

Listed below are many such myths that you must have encountered in your day to day Class 10 life and can completely relate to…

1. “RD Sharma/ RS Aggarwal lagana hi padega.”

No! Nahi karna. The idea of doing Q’s that CBSE won’t even ask in 2024 boards, is actually counter-productive. Instead use books that are tailor-made for CBSE pattern (like Educart Question Bank 💪).

2. “NCERT multiple times karna hai at any cost, paper 100% comes from it.”

Board paper usually comes based on the theory given in NCERT. However, the questions are not exactly similar. NCERT should not be used as the main book but as a reference book.

3. “I hope everyone gets 95+ this year in Boards.”

There are people who are too optimistic and spray unrealistic comments like these on YouTube and others. But, It is important to accept that it's OKAY for everyone to have a different pace.

4. “Sharmaji ka ladka” syndrome–'X son of Y uncle is doing better than you.'

He is the epitome of a successful person, huh? Or, are they? Our society is rife with comparisons especially in Class 10 when the stakes of delivering are higher. Hence in conditions like this we prefer to focus on our own journey. 

5. “10th main hard work is needed the most. Things get easier after.’ 

No, This is just a START of your life grind. Later, you will find yourself juggling between reality and expectation all the time. So, in the end all you’re left with is- “relaxation kahan hain??”

6. ‘Topper Strategy’, ‘98+ in 3 months’, ‘next 3 months plan to crack boards”.

These are just a bunch of college students. Instead, school teachers and technical YT educators like Sanjiv Pandey, Physics Wallah types who actually focus on clearing concepts are far better. Use your time wisely. 

7. “PYQs (previous year Q’s) lagana is a must for you’.

CBSE follows the pattern of its latest SQP and often refers to books/question banks. Yes, they do pick some questions from NCERT to make the paper moderate. But due to limited syllabus, it feels that past year ke hee questions aaye hain. 

8. “Class 10 ke marks matter the most in life.”

You screw up Class 10 even after working hard, it’s ok 🙂 Everyone cares about is your journey of how consistently you kept on trying even when things went wrong. Do your best but not at the cost of self-doubt. 

9. Relatives check up on you most during results time.

It’s very stereotypical, I know, but there are always some relatives that peek their nose into curiosity of performance/failure. Your maturity is in respectfully ignoring them and taking it as part of life.

10. Admit it, everyone dreams of seeing their photo in newspaper as a Topper.

Except those who know they are here to enjoy the class because ‘student life’ matters more than marks/pressure: Most of us might want to be in their position, but its solely to make our parents proud, I mean, who doesn’t want that?

Well, if by the end of the article you found yourself saying ‘Bhai sach mai/for real/so true', I would say my purpose to write this blog is done. 

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