Chapter 6

Class 10
2. How do industries pollute the environment?


How do industries pollute the environment?


The various ways through which industries can cause pollution in the environment are:

1.Air Pollution : It happens when the industries produce a high proportion of poisonous gases like carbon monoxide in the air. It can cause toxicity in the air and can affect humans, animals, and plants also. This can also lead to Acid Rain which has other effects. Industries that produce poisonous gases are chemical industries, brick-making industries, mineral industries, etc.

2.Water Pollution : Industries that dump organic and inorganic industrial wastes in the water cause water pollution. These can affect marine life and also the life of humans who use the water for different purposes. It can also affect the agriculture industry. Industries that cause water pollution are oil refineries, paper factories, sugar mills, and chemical industries.

3.Thermal Pollution : This happens when the industries release hot water into rivers and ponds without cooling it. This affects aquatic life and humans also. The industries that cause thermal pollution are the ones that use water as a Cooling Agent in Power, Manufacturing, and Industrial Plants.

4.Land Pollution : Industries that produce solid waste materials like glass, plastic, etc. These materials are nonbiodegradable materials that pollute the soil. Also, acid rains cause to affect the land and also the groundwater which seeps into the land and affects the quality of the soil. Industries that cause and pollution are agriculture industries.

5.Noise Pollution : Industrial work, construction work, machinery causes a lot of noise. It causes irritation and stress and can be the cause of various health problems like increased heart rate and blood pressure.

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