Chapter 3

Class 10
1. Enact with your classmates a scene of water dispute in your locality.
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Enact with your classmates a scene of water dispute in your locality.


Hello there.....

Here is a skit

Let you be A and B be a person in locality

A :Oh my God (in shock) .... (shouting in anger) Again the water supply has been cut, what can I do, the stupid neighbours are always wasting water.

B : Oh.. So you mean you are the only angel to not use water and how dare you call us stupid... You have not reserved water for yourself only.

A : Here she comes. So you mean that I am wrong if you haven't used up all the water then why is there no supply in my house.

B : I haven't taken the responsibility to remind you that water supply can be cut any time... It's your fault that you are so careless and late..

A : Wow.. No kindness in these people

B : No one is your servant, to keep water for you

A : I don't even want servants like you.... What I am saying is at least be that intelligent to let some water be available for others.....

B : The fastest is the winner like me ....

A : You greedy person.. Not even leaving some water... My God.. What will happen with these people.....

B : How rude and manner less person you are... And your carelessness reflects in your words... Well why I am wasting time on you.... No effect of advicing such people.. (goes away)

A : Oh ok... Like I was waiting you to come... Huh... ( goes away)

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