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Class 12 English Core Question Bank Solutions

The Class 12 English Core Question Bank for 2022 Exams book includes all the different types of Objective Questions (Competency and Extract-based MCQs) suitable for Term I paper along with Subjective Questions (Short and Long) for Term II Board exam.

Here, you can find the Objective Section Maps, Self Practice Paper Solutions and Self Assessment Paper Solutions in PDF form. These PDFs are absolutely free to download, without you having to enter any login information.

Self Practice Papers Solutions (Language)

Chapter Name Solutions PDF
Reading Comprehension View
Writing Chapter 1: Advertisement View
Writing Chapter 2: Notice View
Writing Chapter 3: Poster Drafting View
Writing Chapter 4: Invitations and Replies View
Writing Chapter 5: Letter Writing View
Writing Chapter 6: Article View
Writing Chapter 7: Speech View
Writing Chapter 8: Debate View
Writing Chapter 9: Report View

Self Practice Papers Solutions (Flamingo)

Chapter Name Solutions PDF
The Last Lesson View
Lost Spring View
Deep Water View
The Rattrap View
Indigo View
Poets and Pancakes View
The Interview View
Going Places View

Self Practice Papers Solutions (First Flight Poetry)

Chapter Name Solutions PDF
My Mother at Sixty Six View
An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum View
Keeping Quiet View
A Thing of Beauty View
A Roadside Stand View
Aunt Jennifer's Tigers View

Self Practice Papers Solutions (Vistas)

Chapter Name Solutions PDF
The Third Level View
The Tiger King View
Journey to the End of the Earth View
The Enemy View
Should Wizard Hit Mommy? View
On the Face of It View
Evans Tries an O-Level View
Memories of Childhood View

Self Assessment Paper Solutions

Self Assessment Papers Solutions PDF
Paper 1 View
Paper 2 View

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Each book includes all possible types of MCQs (Competency-based, Case/ Extract/ Poem-based, A/R type), Chapter-wise Notes, Self Practice Questions, and Topper's Answers. You will have an abundance of questions to practice.

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