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Latest News/ Updates on CBSE Class 12 Curriculum and 2023-24 Paper Pattern

Latest News/ Updates on CBSE Class 12 Curriculum and 2024 Paper Pattern

The board exams have started from February 15th, 2024, and will be concluded by April 2nd, 2024. The weightage of competency-based questions is increased to 50 percent. 

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CBSE Class 12 Datesheet

Class 12 (Subject) Date of Board Exam 2023 Most Recommended
Sample Paper Book
Hindi Core February 19th, 2024 Check Here
English Core February 22nd, 2024 Check Here
Chemistry February 27th, 2024 Check Here
Geography February 29th, 2024 Check Here
Physics March 4th, 2024 Check Here
Mathematics March 9th, 2024 Check Here
Applied Mathematics March 9th, 2024 Check Here
Physical Education March 12th, 2024 Check Here
Psychology March 15th, 2024 Check Here
Economics March 18th, 2024 Check Here
Biology March 19th, 2024 Check Here
Political Science March 22nd, 2024 Check Here
Accountancy March 23rd, 2024 Check Here
Business Studies March 27th, 2024 Check Here
History March 28th, 2024 Check Here

CBSE Additional Practice Papers

Class 12 Subjects SET 1 SET 2
English Core SQP + MS SQP + MS
Physics SQP + MS SQP + MS
Chemistry SQP + MS SQP + MS
Biology SQP + MS SQP + MS
Mathematics SQP + MS SQP + MS
Accountancy SQP + MS -

Class 12 Subjects SET 1 SET 2
Business Studies SQP + MS SQP + MS
Economics SQP + MS -
History SQP + MS SQP + MS
Geography SQP + MS SQP + MS
Hindi Core SQP + MS SQP + MS
Psychology SQP + MS -

Starting an academic year with the latest syllabus and sample papers is the first step towards better preparation. CBSE has released its syllabus and sample paper for class 12 for the academic year 2024.  The rationalized syllabus has been released.

‍CBSE Class 12 Syllabus

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Our other latest CLASS 12 EDUCART FINAL REVISION 2024 EXAMS are a complete solution for exam preparation with new pattern chapter-wise Topic Notes, Examples, All possible types of MCQs (Competency-based, Case/ Extract/ Source-based, A/R type), Self Practice Questions, Topper’s Answers, and Self Assessment Papers. Any other information regarding the CBSE curriculum, paper pattern, study material, and notifications is available below in the supporting links.