FAQs By Teachers
Q1. What are the steps a teacher needs to follow to order their Free Specimen books?
Ans. Teachers can sign up for free specimen books for CBSE Class 9-12 (or other Boards and Exams) via the website form (above). After the successful registration, the school teachers or coaching institutes will receive a validation call within a week from Team Educart. Free Specimen books are couriered with other useful collaterals/gifts to the teachers after successful verification.
Q2. Is there any cost a teacher needs to pay to get a Specimen book from Educart?
Ans. No, the specimen books from Educart are sent free of cost to teachers that are validated by the team.
Q3. Why does it take weeks to receive Specimen Books that we fill the form for?
Ans. We receive more than 2000 requests daily. We have a team of qualified teacher relationship experts who individually screen and validate each request (through a phone call) before the books are sent. Sometimes, that results in delays. Not a single request is ignored as every teacher is important to Educart, irrespective of whether you teach 5 students at home or 500+ students at a Grade A school. Every teacher matters 🙂.
Q4. Is there any difference between a student book and a Free Specimen book for teachers?
Ans. No, the teachers are provided with the same latest version of the required subject. The books for students and teachers are the same and always on the latest pattern.
Q5. Who can request the Free Specimen books from Educart?
Ans. Teachers from the affiliated CBSE, ICSE and State Board Schools can request a Free copy from Educart. Also, coaching institutions who teach students from the above boards (Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12) and NEET Exams can also apply. We are laser focused on specific segments to deliver best quality resource books.
Q6. Are specimen books for teachers based on the latest session or from the previous session?
Ans. The free specimen books for teachers are always based on the current session and latest syllabus prescribed by the board. We don’t provide outdated books.
Q7. How many free Specimen Books can a teacher request from Educart?
Ans. The teacher can request one or maximum two free specimen books from Educart at a time. Over time, the teachers get upgraded to receive more books based on various factors.
Q8. How can teachers contact us if they get a wrong Specimen copy from us?
Ans. The books are usually sent after the complete verification process. In any case, if teachers receive the wrong free Specimen book, they can contact the number they have received the call from or at the official Educart number +918937099777. They can also send an email to specimen@agpgroup.in.
Q9. Do we provide any replacement policy to the teachers who have ordered the Free Specimen book from us?
Ans. We don’t ask the teacher to spend money and send the book back to Educart in case the subject was wrong. Instead, we ask them to provide the book to their colleague who teaches that subject. Plus, we ensure the teachers get sent a replacement book. For that, teachers have to just contact us by Whatsapp of Educart official number +918937099777. They can also send an email to specimen@agpgroup.in.
Q10. How will teachers get to know that they have successfully ordered their Free books from Educart?
Ans. Once the free specimen books form is submitted, the teachers will be redirected to the confirmation page after completing the form. Within a week, the teacher will receive a validation call on the registered number from the Educart team confirming their details and order. If their validation call is successful, they will receive a message confirming their entry into Educart’s Specimen program and the required books will be successfully dispatched thereafter.
Q11. Does a Teacher need to fill any OTP after or before requesting a Free Specimen copy from us?
Ans. There is no need to fill any OTP after requesting a Free Specimen Book. However, OTP might be needed to collect the book from the delivery partner. That OTP is secure and will always be asked by our official delivery provider like Delhivery, Expressbees or others.
Q12. Can a teacher request their free specimen books multiple times by filling out a website form from Educart?
Ans. No. You can fill the form multiple times but the system automatically will reject your request in that case. We strongly suggest you fill the form only once and should there be any further requirement, please message us on WhatsApp (+918937099777) from the same number you provided in the form. We will automatically update the system as per your extra/new requirement.
Q13. Can Teachers track their Free book orders?
Ans. Certainly, once the order is dispatched, teachers receive the tracking ID to track their free book order.
Q14. Are coaching institutions eligible to request free specimen copies from Educart?
Ans. Yes, coaching institutions are eligible to request free specimen copies from Educart if they have valid IDs.
Q15. Can a teacher directly order their Free Specimen Books without filling out a form from us?
Ans. Filling out the website/ Google form is a must to receive the free specimen books. In exceptional cases, if a teacher contacts Educart via an official email or phone number (+918937099777), the team will guide them to complete the process mentioned above or manually take their requirement over a follow-up call and close the request.