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Download ICSE Class 10 Biology Past Year Papers

At Educart, you will find all possible resources for ICSE Class 10, including past-year papers from 2014 to 2023 for all subjects.

From the table given below, you can download all available ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Papers with solutions (Analysis of Pupil Performance PDFs). These files are available absolutely for FREE!

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Papers Solutions
(Analysis of Pupil Performance)
Biology 2014 Solution
Biology 2015 Solution
Biology 2016 Solution
Biology 2017 Solution
Biology 2018 Solution
Biology 2019 Solution
Biology 2020 -
Biology 2023 -

Including the  ICSE Class 10 Biology Previous Question Paper in exam preparation will help students in many ways as listed below:

  • Helps in improving time management skills. 
  • Help in self-assessment.
  • Helps students in getting familiar with the exam pattern and format.
  • Identifying recurring topics and concepts that appear frequently and focusing attention on important topics.

Previous Year Question Papers work as reliable study material and help students prepare in a structured manner.


1. How to get solved ISC Biology PYQ Class 12?

Students can solve the ISC Biology previous year papers as a mock paper. After completing the entire biology syllabus, students can solve the PYQs as mock papers under real exam time constraints. This will help them to get into practice and make them familiar with the exam patterns and typology of questions. 

2. Can we get the chapter-wise solution for ISC Previous Year Paper Class 12 Biology?

No, chapter-wise solutions for ISC's previous year's paper for class 12 Biology are not available as of now. Students can download the past year's paper with solutions from CISCE’s official website. Or you can directly download the pdf for free from here: ISC Biology PYQ.


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