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Class 9 Hindi A Previous Year Question Paper

Hindi, being most of our official language, is very important for kids to learn and master. CBSE Class 9 Hindi A consists of chapters included in Kshitij part 1 and part 2. Along with learning, revising the subject is also necessary. Class 9 Hindi last year's question papers are the best tool for a thorough revision. These Hindi A previous year question papers help you get to know the exam format, the types of questions asked, and the main or repetitive topics asked in the actual exam paper. 

Come on, keep reading, and unlock how previous-year papers are useful for you and how they can help you perform better. Also, find the links below to access these papers for free, understand the subject as well as your performance better, and build confidence for your exam day.

We, at Educart, make it easier for you to access all the study material in just one click, too, for free! These papers are invaluable resources for practice and revision. Download them to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and use them to simulate exam conditions for better preparation.

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CBSE Class 9 Hindi Question Paper Exam Pattern:

Knowing the CBSE Hindi exam pattern for Class 9th is an essential part of your preparation journey. Students can check out the format in the table given below: 

Exam Pattern
Section A (क): Unseen
Comprehension (Apathit Ansh)
It consists of two unseen comprehension passages
with five references to context questions given
below each passage.
Section B (ख): Practical
Grammar (Vyavaharik Vyakaran)
It consists of a set of grammatical exercises,
with each question carrying two marks.
Section C (ग): Literature (Pathak
Pustak & Pooran Pustak)
Consists of questions from the literature section;
there will be passages given from the textbooks and
references to context questions under them.
Section D (घ): Writing (Lekhan) In this section, you will get questions asking you to write
passages; for example, you will have to write
essays and different kinds of letters.

Previous-year papers prepare you according to the exam pattern given by the CBSE board so that you won’t face any problems during the actual examination.

CBSE Class 9 Hindi Question Paper Marking Scheme:

The marking scheme is another important factor students should know about before starting to prepare for the examination. Knowing how marks are allocated in the exam paper and what chapter contains what weight can help you prioritise topics and chapters, which will eventually help you do well in the actual exam.

Section Weightage Marks
Section A (क): Unseen Comprehension
(Apathit Gadhyansh/Ansh)
10 marks
Section B (ख): Practical Grammar
(Vyavaharik Vyakaran)
16 marks
Section C (ग): Literature (Pathak
Pustak & Poorak Pustak)
34 marks
Section D (घ): Writing (Lekhan) 20 marks

Class 9 Hindi A Previous year's papers help you know thoroughly which topics are important and what topics you should focus on based on the marks weighted along with every question.

How to Use Previous Year Question Papers Effectively

Make A Study Routine

Make a study routine in which you distribute dedicated time to practice the previous year's Hindi question papers along with NCERT and whatever other books you’re studying from. Constant and consistent practice is the key to improving your performance and knowing the exam pattern well. 

Study in Exam-like Environment 

While learning or practicing, you should always study in a quiet and calm environment. Try to clock yourself so that you can keep a check on your performance in timed conditions and improve your accuracy and speed. Real exam pressure while practicing can improve your ability to handle the pressure well during the actual exam.

Self Analyze and Test

Knowing your performance beforehand is the key to scoring well in examinations, as you get the golden chance to correct your potential mistakes and check where you lack. After solving each Class 9 Hindi last-year paper, go through each answer of yours thoroughly. Check the mistakes, search for correct solutions, and you’re good to go for your exam day. :)

Concentrate On Weak Areas 

Know the important topics and types of questions that are asked. Identify where you are making mistakes and focus on improving those minus points. This way, you can target your weak areas and work on their improvement. 

So students, let’s get it straight: Previous Year Question Papers Class 9 CBSE are a very important part of the exam preparation. The benefits of studying from the question paper are quite many, from understanding the exam format and knowing the marking scheme to being able to judge yourself and your performance and get a golden chance to improve and work on your mistakes. While NCERT books provide you with a strong base of knowledge, the previous year's papers make sure that the students are good to go for the exam. Solve these papers regularly and ace your CBSE Class 9 Hindi exam.

All the best!


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