Download CBSE Class 10 Social Science 2016 Past Year Papers PDF

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Class 10 Boards are crucial exams for which you must prepare with all the valuable study materials and resources you can get. We, at Educart Publications, offer offline and online resources that are beneficial for both teachers and students at this time.

Social Science (Code 087) Previous Year Papers, Sample Papers, and Practice Papers can help provide an understanding of the patterns and types of questions that are usually preferred in examinations.

Each of these papers included 30 questions categorised in 4 types of questions. The first three types were theoretical questions based on textbook knowledge while the last section included 2 map-related questions from History and Geography respectively.

Sections Question Types No. of Questions
1-mark Questions Very Short Answer-type Questions 8Q (8m)
3-marks Questions Short Answer-type Questions (80 words) 12Q (36m)
5-marks Questions Long Answer-type Questions (100 words) 8Q (40m)
Map Work (3m) Map-based Questions - History and Geography 2Q (6m)


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