Download CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2020 Previous Year Papers PDF

Sanskrit is a great, scoring subject that requires understanding of the basics and a lot of practice. Solving Previous Year Papers, Sample Papers, and Practice Papers can be among the best practices to strengthen your knowledge in the subject.

Below, we have provided the complete list of CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2020 Question Papers, along with Compartment Papers and Marking Scheme Solutions. You can click on each link and download them on your computer without entering any login information.

But first, let’s take a look at the paper pattern released by CBSE that was used to set the latest 2020 Sanskrit Board Paper.

According to the table, you will notice that each paper had 18 questions divided into four sections - A, B, C, and D. Students had a few internal choices in the paper.

Section Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A Unseen Reading Comprehension 1Q (10m)
Section B Writing Skills 3Q (15m)
Section C Applied Grammar 7Q (25m)
Section D Reading Comprehension 7Q (30m)

Given below are the CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit (Code 122) that are free to download for offline access. No need to enter login information or your phone number!

CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Question Papers 2020 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
52 JBB Solution
52-1 JBB Solution
52-2 JBB Solution
52-C JBB -

Once you have gone through the pattern of the CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2020 Board Paper and downloaded the files, you will see how beneficial they are for your learning practice. Fundamentally, they aim to provide you the following:

  • Understanding of the Pattern: When you study the pattern of the paper, you get to know what type of questions are usually asked in the paper.
  • Weightage of Marks: Each question is allotted marks so that you can answer them as per the requirement only.
  • Important Questions and Topics: As you keep practicing more and more Past Year Papers, you will understand how to prioritise different types of questions in your syllabus.

These online links to the Class 10 Sanskrit Question Papers are based on the 2020 CBSE guidelines and can be accessed offline any time. However, if you prefer practicing different types of questions from offline resources like books then you can go with our EDUCART SANSKRIT SAMPLE QUESTION PAPERS.

This Educart Sample Paper book provides you with 13 sample papers to practice your Sanskrit writing and grammar skills every day. You can also use these Sample Papers as surprise tests for self evaluation.

For more information related to CBSE and NCERT study materials, check out the supporting links in the articles/ page.

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