Download CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2017 Previous Year Papers PDF

Completing your revision on time brings about the confidence you need for attempting Board Examination. But, if you have even the slightest of doubt on your preparation then add solving these Sanskrit Previous Year Papers to your schedule.

Here, we have provided all the Sanskrit (Code 122) Board Papers made available by CBSE to add more credit to your revision time. But before you head on below to download them, take a look at the paper pattern that was followed to set them.

The CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit 2017 Question Papers were divided into four sections - A, B, C, and D with a total of 16 questions.

Section Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A Unseen Reading Comprehension 2Q (15m)
Section B Writing Skills 2Q (15m)
Section C Applied Grammar 6Q (30m)
Section D Reading Comprehension 6Q (30m)

Given below are the links to the Sanskrit 2017 Board Question Papers, Compartment Papers, and Marking Scheme Solutions available. You can download them to your computer for free without entering any login information.

CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Question Papers 2017 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
52-1 Delhi Scheme (Set 1) Solution
52 Outside Delhi Scheme (Set 1) Solution
52-C Outside Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 1) -

Solving Sanskrit Past Year Papers also have a plan of action of their own. You must follow the given tips below to make the most out of these papers.

  • Take out Separate Time: Attempt the paper as you would attempt the actual Sanskrit Board Paper. It will help you make a routine of solving these papers for revision.
  • Avoid All Distractions: Switch off your phone or at least set it on Airplane mode. Also, you can take help from your parents or siblings to invigilate you for better results.
  • Check for Mistakes at the End: You can take the help of the Marking Scheme Solutions to find out your mistakes and learn from them. This will help boost your confidence for actual exam appearance.

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