CBSE Previous Year Basic Maths 2024 Paper Class 10

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Previous Year Question Papers Maths (Basic) 2024 

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics (Basic) is an interesting subject. However, it demands a lot of practice and understanding, requiring extra practice to get a strong command of the chapters. Class 10 math is mostly application-based. Students must use reliable resources like the previous year's question paper on math (basic) to achieve good scores. By practising these previous-year papers, students can evaluate their preparation level and make strategies accordingly.

Previous-year papers provide insights about the exam pattern, which helps students strategize their plans for exams accordingly. Students can download the previous year's question papers from the link provided.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics
Basic Question Papers 2024
(Marking Scheme)
430-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
430-1-2 (Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
430-1-3 (Set 1, Subset 3) Solution
430-2-1 (Set 2, Subset 1) Solution
430-2-2 (Set 2, Subset 2) Solution
430-2-3 (Set 2, Subset 3) Solution
430-3-1 (Set 3, Subset 1) Solution
430-3-2 (Set 3, Subset 2) Solution
430-3-3 (Set 3, Subset 3) Solution
430-4-1 (Set 4, Subset 1) Solution
430-4-2 (Set 4, Subset 2) Solution
430-4-3 (Set 4, Subset 3) Solution
430-5-1 (Set 5, Subset 1) Solution
430-5-2 (Set 5, Subset 2) Solution
430-5-3 (Set 5, Subset 3) Solution

Exam Pattern for CBSE Class 10 Maths Basic 

Section Question Types No. of Questions
Section A MCQs and Assertion-reason Questions 20Q (1m)
Section B Very Short Answer-type Questions 5Q (2m)
Section C Short Answer-type Questions 6Q (3m)
Section D Long Answer-type Questions 4Q (5m)
Section E Case-based Questions 3Q (4m)

The board exam paper for CBSE Class 10 Math (Basic) is categorised into five sections. The objective-type questions are covered in Section A, whereas Section B includes very short-answer questions. Section C comprises short-answer type questions, and Section D covers long-answer type questions. The examination paper also includes case-based questions in Section E. 

How to Score Well by Using Previous Year Question Papers 2024 in Maths (Basic)

The CBSE Class 10 Maths (Basic) Previous Year Question Papers (2024) offer many benefits for students preparing for their board examinations. Here's some of them:

Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

By attempting these previous year's question papers for math (basic), students get an understanding of the exam format. This includes the weighting of different sections, like multiple-choice questions, short- and long-answer types, the nature of the questions asked in each chapter, and the marking scheme. This allows students to build their study strategies by focusing on major scoring areas. Practising question formats that can be found in the actual exam will help avoid hassle at the last moment.

Identifying Question Patterns

When students practice through the previous year's papers, it tells about the pattern of questions asked from specific chapters. By highlighting the repeatedly asked concepts, students can prioritize the important chapters and questions, by doing extra preparation of those areas. This way students do not miss any concept and they can solve any question that comes through very easily.

Time Management

The 2024 Previous Year Question Papers provide a full explanation of the time allotted for each section. Utilising these papers for practice sessions helps students develop their skills in writing and time management during the actual exam. This is how they can avoid last-minute hassle and give proper time to each question as well as the answer.

Answering Techniques

Going through the solutions for the previous year's papers in class 10 helps students learn the best answering techniques. This includes structuring well-organised answers, clear and concise explanations, and the application of formulas. By using this approach, students can write quality answers and improve their overall scores. Answering and presenting matter a lot, as all the marks are dependent on them, and so students should be focused enough to write the right answers. 

Important Chapters in Class 10 Maths (Basic) and Important Formulas

Number Systems: The fundamental operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) on rational numbers. The simplification of rational expressions. H.C.F. and L.C.M. of rational numbers.

Algebra: The fundamental algebraic expressions of terms, exponents, and polynomials
Linear equations in one variable with applications to real-life scenarios
Factorization of polynomials

Ratio and Proportion: The concept of ratio and proportion. The application of ratio and proportion by applying them in solving real-life problems

Geometry: The fundamental concepts of geometry—points, lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, etc. The theorems connected angles, triangles, and circles.

Mensuration: Area and perimeter of common shapes—rectangle, square, circle, triangle Surface area and volume of basic solids—cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone.

Lines and angles:  Parallel lines, transversals, corresponding angles, alternate angles, interior angles on the same side, etc. Angle sum property of a triangle. Pythagoras theorem and its applications.

Triangles: Various types of triangles, based on angles and sides—scalene, isosceles, equilateral. Congruence of triangles (by using SSS, SAS, and ASA criteria).
Basic constructions using a ruler and compass.

Statistics: collection and presentation of data in various forms (frequency distribution tables, histograms, bar graphs). Measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode).

Important Formulae:

  • H.C.F. of two numbers a and b = (a * b)/L.C.M. of a and b
  • Area of rectangle = length x breadth
  • Area of square = side x side
  • Area of circle = πr² (π = 22/7)
  • Volume of cube = side³
  • Volume of cuboid = length x breadth x height
  • Pythagoras Theorem - a² + b² = c² where 'a' and 'b' are the lengths of the shorter sides and 'c' is the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle

Regularly practising with these papers helps students get well prepared, and they prioritise the important questions and chapters first. This practice reduces the chance of missing out on complex topics, and it also helps to gain a sense of confidence. Students can refer to the tips mentioned above and can also download the Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers 2024 Maths Basic from the link provided.


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