Download CBSE Previous Year Basic Maths Question Paper Class 10 PDF

CBSE Class 10 Maths Basic Previous Year Question Paper 2023

Class 10 Mathematics has undergone a division into two distinct sections - Mathematics Standard and Mathematics Basic. This division offers students the flexibility to select the level of difficulty that suits their preferences for the Class 10 Board exam.

In order to assist students opting for Mathematics Basic, we have made available the Previous Year Papers for this subject. However, before proceeding with the download of Mathematics papers, it is advisable to thoroughly review and comprehend the paper pattern for a clearer perspective.

Section Question Types No. of Questions
Section A MCQs and Assertion-reason Questions 20Q (1m)
Section B Short Answer-type Questions I 5Q (2m)
Section C Short Answer-type Questions II 6Q (3m)
Section D Long Answer-type Questions 4Q (5m)
Section E Case-based Questions 4Q (5m)

Each set of Class 10 Maths Basic 2023 Question Papers consisted of 38 questions categorised into five sections - A, B, C, E and D.

Here are all the five sets of Class 10 Mathematics Basic 2023 Question Papers and Compartment Papers, along with their Marking Scheme Solutions. You can download them to your system without entering any login information.

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Basic Question Papers 2023 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
430-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
430-1-2 (Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
430-1-3 (Set 1, Subset 3) Solution
430-2-1 (Set 2, Subset 1) Solution
430-2-2 (Set 2, Subset 2) Solution
430-2-3 (Set 2, Subset 3) Solution
430-4-1 (Set 4, Subset 1) Solution
430-4-2 (Set 4, Subset 2) Solution
430-4-3 (Set 4, Subset 3) Solution
430-5-1 (Set 5, Subset 1) Solution
430-5-2 (Set 5, Subset 2) Solution
430-5-3 (Set 5, Subset 3) Solution
430-6-1 (Set 6, Subset 1) Solution
430-6-2 (Set 6, Subset 2) Solution
430-6-3 (Set 6, Subset 3) Topper Solution
CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Basic Compartment Papers 2023 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
430-C-1 (Compartment Set 1) Solution
430-C-2 (Compartment Set 2) Solution
430-C-3 (Compartment Set 3) Solution

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