Download CBSE Class 10 Information Technology 2019 Previous Year Papers PDF

We, at Educart Publications, make all the possible study material and resources available for both students and teachers, even for subjects like Information Technology. Given below are the links to CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Board Paper PDF files, along with its Marking Scheme Solution.

However, it is important to know and understand the pattern of the paper before attempting to solve it. So, before downloading the Class 10 Information Technology (402) Board Papers, have a look at the detailed table below with classification of questions and marks in the 2019 paper.

With 31 questions divided into two sections - A and B; the Information Technology (Code 402) Board 2019 Question Papers provided the students with many internal choices.

Section Question Types No. of Questions
Section A Objective Questions (12Q) 10Q (10m)
VSAs (7Q) 5Q (10m)
Short Answer-type Questions I (7Q) 5Q (15m)
Section B Long Answer-type Questions (5Q) 3Q (15m)

Now, you can download the links to both the Information Technology 2019 Board Question Paper and its Marking Scheme Solution PDF files.

CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Question Papers 2019 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
89 Information Technology (Set 1) Solution

Educart Class 10 Sample papers

If you attempt these Information Technology Board papers in the right way, you can feel confident about your preparation and improve your revision skills. Read along the given points to learn how to make the best of these papers.

  • Dedicate Separate Time: To attempt the complete paper, avoid all possible distractions, such as your smartphone, songs, etc.
  • Avoid Peeking through Answers: You must not allow matching the answers from the Marking Scheme Solutions. This will help you learn from your mistakes.
  • Don’t Stop Solving: Try to attempt as many Past Year Papers, Sample Papers, and Practice Papers as you can to gain confidence for the exam.

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