CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2024 PYQ

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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 Hindi A 2024

Hindi is a subject that needs both knowledge and literacy skills. It is a scoring subject, which helps you improve your results; however, many students don't pay much attention to this subject. The books offered by NCERT are equipped with engaging content, developing interest in the students. 

The 2024 previous-year paper for class 10 Hindi A offers a valuable glimpse into the types of questions you will receive in the exams. This paper is a crucial tool for students aiming to excel, as it highlights the areas you focus on and familiarizes you with the exam pattern.

The marking scheme for this paper is designed to evaluate your comprehension, writing skills, and grammatical accuracy. Here, at Educart publication, we ensure that students and teachers are equipped with the necessary study materials. Our study materials help students learn and practice their subjects more effectively, while teachers can provide better support for their students.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A
Question Papers 2024
(Marking Scheme)
3-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
3-1-2 (Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
3-1-3 (Set 1, Subset 3) Solution
3-2-1 (Set 2, Subset 1) Solution
3-2-2 (Set 2, Subset 2) Solution
3-2-3 (Set 2, Subset 3) Solution
3-3-1 (Set 3, Subset 1) Solution
3-3-2 (Set 3, Subset 2) Solution
3-3-3 (Set 3, Subset 3) Solution
3-4-1 (Set 4, Subset 1) Solution
3-4-2 (Set 4, Subset 2) Solution
3-4-3 (Set 4, Subset 3) Solution
CBSE Class 10 Hindi A
Question Papers 2024
(Marking Scheme)
5-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
5-1-2 (Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
5-1-3 (Set 1, Subset 3) Solution

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi ‘A’ 2024 Previous Year Papers: Exam Pattern

Sections No. of Questions
Section A 10Q
Section B 7Q

Section A (40 marks)

Section A includes 10 objective-based questions, which are further categorized into 44 sub-questions. You have to attempt 40 questions; each question carries 1 mark and is of the multiple-choice type.

Section B (40 marks)

Section B includes seven descriptive-type questions with internal choices. This section is worth a total of 40 marks and requires a detailed approach to answers.

Tips to Make the Most of the Class 10 Hindi Previous Year Paper 

Making the most of the Class 10 Hindi previous-year paper can enhance your preparation. Here are some unique tips to maximize the benefits: 

  • Stimulate Exam Conditions: Create a quiet environment and time yourself according to the actual exam duration; this helps reduce anxiety and builds confidence. 
  • Analyze Questions: Pay close attention to the types of questions that frequently appear. 
  • Mind Maps: Mind maps are very beneficial for revision. These maps break down complex topics into simpler ones and interconnect concepts, making them easier for students to understand and retain.
  • Practising Writing Skills: For the writing section, practice different types of essays and letters from previous papers. Focus on structure and clarity. 

The CBSE Class 10 Hindi previous year papers are invaluable resources for students aiming to excel in their board exams. By thoroughly practicing these papers, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the exam pattern, question types, and marking scheme essential for exam preparation. Reduce your anxiety and build confidence with the help of previous-year papers. 


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