Download CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2023 Past Year Papers PDF

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Before downloading the Hindi A Board Examination Papers, let's take a look at the paper pattern used in 2023. Each paper was divided into two sections: A, B, with some internal choices in the Literature section.

Sections No. of Questions
Section A 3Q
Section B 4Q

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Papers 2023 Marking Scheme
3-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
3-1-2 (Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
3-1-3 (Set 1, Subset 3) Solution
3-2-1 (Set 2, Subset 1) Solution
3-2-2 (Set 2, Subset 2) Solution
3-2-3 (Set 2, Subset 3) Solution
3-3-1 (Set 3, Subset 1) -
3-3-2 (Set 3, Subset 2) -
3-3-3 (Set 3, Subset 3) -
3-4-1 (Set 4, Subset 1) Solution
3-4-2 (Set 4, Subset 2) Solution
3-4-3 (Set 4, Subset 3) Solution

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Papers 2023 Marking Scheme
3-5-1 (Set 5, Subset 1) Topper Solution
3-5-2 (Set 5, Subset 2) Solution
3-5-3 (Set 5, Subset 3) Solution
3-6-1 (Set 6, Subset 1) Solution
3-6-2 (Set 6, Subset 2) Solution
3-6-3 (Set 6, Subset 3) Solution

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Compartment Papers 2023 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
3-C-1-1 (Compartment Set 1) Solution
3-C-1-2 (Compartment Set 2) Solution
3-C-1-3 (Compartment Set 2) Solution

Our goal at Educart Publications is to provide you with essential resources for your curriculum study and exam preparation, and we're offering these papers to you completely free of charge, without the need for any login information.

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1. From where to download the CBSE Previous Year Papers Class 10 Hindi A?

Students can directly download the previous year papers for class 10 Hindi A from the official website of the Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE Hindi A PYQs. The past year papers are a total game changer for Hindi A revision allowing the students to score 90 percent plus in class 10. Additionally, it makes the students familiar with the type of questions they would be asked in the boards, thereby boosting their confidence. 

2. How Hindi A Past Year Paper helps in CBSE Class 10 2024 Exam?

Yes, solving previous year papers for CBSE class 10 Hindi A helps the students to score high. It gives the students an idea about the new pattern of the actual board paper and the typology of questions they will be asked in the 2024 board exams. 


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