Download CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2017 Past Year Papers PDF

We, at Educart Publications, make sure that all students have full access to worthy study material and practice resources. For the same reason, we have provided the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2017 Question Papers on this page.

But, before you scroll down to the links of Hindi A (Code 002) Question Papers, take a look at the paper pattern, which can give you an idea of how to allot equal time to each question.

Each paper in 2017 included 18 questions classified into four sections - A, B, C, and D. Students had a few internal choices to choose from and they found the paper quite easy.

Sections Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A (Reading) Apathit Gadyansh 2Q (20m)
Section B (Grammar) Vyakran 5Q (15m)
Section C (Literature) Pathya Pustak par Nirdharit 5Q (25m)
Section D (Writing) Rachnatmak Lekhan 5Q (25m)

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Papers 2017 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
3-1 All India Scheme (Set 1) Solution
3-2 All India Scheme (Set 2) Solution
3-3 All India Scheme (Set 3) Topper Solution
3-1-1 Delhi Scheme (Set 1) Solution
3-1-2 Delhi Scheme (Set 2) Solution
3-1-3 Delhi Scheme (Set 3) Solution
3-2-1 Foreign (Set 1) Solution
3-2-2 Foreign (Set 2) Solution
3-2-3 Foreign (Set 3) Solution
503-1 NSQF (Set 1) Solution
503-2 NSQF (Set 2) Solution
503-3 NSQF (Set 3) Solution
503-C NSQF (Compartment) -

With these Hindi A 2017 Board Examination Papers, you can prepare for your exams smartly. They allow you to practice more and more so that you can learn from your mistakes and get better at answering. You can also use the Marking Scheme Solutions and Topper Answer Sheet to get an idea on how to attempt the paper.

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