Download CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2015 Past Year Papers PDF

Are your students bored with the same old questions in Hindi Literature and Language Book? You can use these CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Previous Year Papers and add new types of questions to their practice solutions.

However, to understand the types of questions that appeared in the CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2015 Papers, you must first go through the pattern given in the beginning of the paper.

The 2015 Hindi A Board Examination papers were categorised into Outside Delhi Scheme, Delhi Scheme, Foreign, and NSQF. Each of these Hindi A (Code 002) papers consisted of 16 questions categorised into four sections - A, B, C, and D with a few internal choices.

Sections Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A (Reading) Apathit Gadyansh 4Q (20m)
Section B (Grammar) Vyakran 4Q (15m)
Section C (Literature) Pathya Pustak par Nirdharit 5Q (35m)
Section D (Writing) Rachnatmak Lekhan 3Q (20m)

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Question Papers 2015 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
3-1 Outside Delhi (Set 1) Topper Solution
3-2 Outside Delhi (Set 2) Solution
3-3 Outside Delhi (Set 3) Solution
3-1-1 Delhi Scheme (Set 1) Solution
3-1-2 Delhi Scheme (Set 2) Solution
3-1-3 Delhi Scheme (Set 3) Solution
3-2-1 Foreign (Set 1) Solution
3-2-2 Foreign (Set 2) Solution
3-2-3 Foreign (Set 3) Solution

These CBSE Class 10 Hindi 2015 Question Papers will help you prepare for the Board Examinations in an efficient way for the following reasons:

  • Understand: The types of questions usually asked in the previous year papers;
  • Develop Habit: Of solving papers with important past year questions;
  • Marking Scheme: CBSE provided solutions will teach you how to score full marks.

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