Download CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature 2019 Past Year Papers PDF

Do you often feel that English Language and Literature can never have enough practice resources? We feel the same, which is why we bring you the CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature 2019 Questions Papers.

As you will practice these English (Code 183) papers one by one, you will notice that your writing, grammar, and reading skills are improving. Solving Previous Year Papers also improves your speed in attempting the paper.

Let’s take a look at the pattern that was followed in 2019 to set the English Main and Compartment Papers for students. Each set included 11 compulsory questions that were categorised into three sections - A (Reading), B (Writing & Grammar), and C (Literature).

Section Marks Weightage
Section A (Reading) 2Q (20m)
Section B (Writing & Grammar) 5Q (30m)
Section C (Literature) 4Q (30m)

You can click on the links below and download all the PDFs of Class 10 English Questions Papers, along with their Marking Scheme Solutions, and Topper Solution Sheet absolutely free of cost. You won’t need to enter any login information at all!

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Papers 2019 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
2-1-1 (Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
2-1-2 (Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
2-1-3 (Set 1, Subset 3) Solution
2-2-1 (Set 2, Subset 1) Solution
2-2-2 (Set 2, Subset 2) Solution
2-2-3 (Set 2, Subset 3) Solution
2-3-1 (Set 3, Subset 1) Topper Solution
2-3-2 (Set 3, Subset 2) Solution
2-3-3 (Set 3, Subset 3) Solution
2-4-1 (Set 4, Subset 1) Solution
2-4-2 (Set 4, Subset 2) Solution
2-4-3 (Set 4, Subset 3) Solution
2-5-1 (Set 5, Subset 1) Solution
2-5-2 (Set 5, Subset 2) Solution
2-5-3 (Set 5, Subset 3) Solution
CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Papers 2019 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
2-C-1-1 (Compartment Set 1, Subset 1) Solution
2-C-1-2 (Compartment Set 1, Subset 2) Solution
2-C-1-3 (Compartment Set 1, Subset 3) Solution

These papers, if attempted in the right way, can be really beneficial in improving your revision skills during exam time. Read along the given points to learn how to attempt these papers rightly and make the best of them.

  • Dedicate separate time: To attempt the complete paper, avoiding all possible distractions.
  • Avoid peeking: Through the solutions beforehand and match your answers at the end. This will help you learn from your mistakes.
  • Keep solving: More and more papers so that you can gain confidence in your preparation.


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