Download CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature 2013 Past Year Papers PDF

Every student has a different way of studying English Literature and Language but it is recommended for all the students to add extra practice using Sample Papers, Previous Year Papers, and Practice Papers.

The English Previous Year Papers streamline your revision process and provide you with a variety of questions. So, this is why we have brought you to all the sets of CBSE English Class 10 Board Papers that were set for the year 2013.

Each of these papers were prepared in accordance with the following paper pattern that helps students practice new types of questions. Take a look at the distribution of the marks in the paper.

Section Types of Questions No. of Questions
Section A Reading 4Q (20m)
Section B Writing 4Q (20m)
Section C Grammar 6Q (15m)
Section D Literature + Value-based Questions 7Q (25m)

Given below are the links to CBSE Class 10 English 2013 Board Main Paper and Compartment Paper.

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Question Papers 2013
2-1-1 Delhi Scheme (Set 1)
2-C-1-1 Delhi Scheme (Compartment Set 1)

We hope these links provided by us help both teachers and students with a variety of questions and patterns. However, rather than completely depending on these papers, you can add them to your schedule as surprise tests for better evaluation. You can use these papers to:

  • Improve your practice skills: By solving more and more papers every day and assessing your level of understanding efficiently.
  • Get an idea of pattern: By analysing types of questions, marking scheme, and important topics preferred for the subject in 2013.
  • Build time management skills: And confidence to answer all the questions without stressing out.


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