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Computer Specimen Papers 2024 Class 10 ICSE

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From the table given below, you can download direct files for Computer Applications Specimen Papers Class 10.

Class 10 Computer Applications Specimen Papers Direct PDF Download
Specimen Paper 2023 Download
Semester 2 Specimen Paper 2022 Download
Semester 1 Specimen Paper 2022 Download
Specimen Paper 2020 Download
Specimen Paper 2017 Download

How to use ICSE Class 10th Computer Specimen papers effectively?

Applications for Computers in ICSE Class 10 For students looking to boost their performance and confidence in the topic, specimen papers are an excellent tool. Here are some pointers on how to make good use of them:

  • Complete the assignments in a format similar to the exam: Strive to finish the papers within the allotted time, without interruptions or outside assistance. This will enable you to effectively manage your time and become accustomed to the strain of exams.
  • Verify your responses using the marking scheme: Once you've completed the papers, check your answers against the CISCE marking structure. This will assist you in determining your errors, knowledge gaps, and development opportunities.
  • Review the ideas and subjects that you find challenging: Make revisions to the concepts and themes that you find difficult or unclear in light of how you performed in the papers. To gain clarification and practice, consult your textbooks, notes, or online resources.
  • Try working on several sets of papers: Don't restrict yourself to finishing a single set of sample papers. To get familiar with a range of questions and forms, try to tackle different sets of papers from various sources. This will assist you in assessing your abilities and knowledge from various viewpoints.

Benefits of 10th Class Computer ICSE Specimen paper Solved

The ICSE Class 10 Computer Specimen Paper Solved have many benefits for students who want to ace their exam. Some of these benefits are:

  • They offer a synopsis of the course and exam format: You can have a comprehensive understanding of the kind, quantity, and arrangement of questions in the exam by completing the sample papers. Additionally, you can familiarize yourself with the grading system and the relative importance of the various sections and themes.
  • They strengthen your analytical and problem-solving abilities: You can strengthen your ability to use your knowledge and concepts to address a variety of situations and settings by working through the example papers. By examining many scenarios and selecting the best answers, you can also hone your logical and critical thinking abilities.
  • By completing the sample papers, you can increase your confidence in your readiness and skills, which can lower your exam anxiety. By practicing in a real-world exam setting, you can also get over your exam anxiety.
  • They assist you in monitoring your development and performance: by completing the sample papers, you can assess your areas of strength and weakness in the topic. By contrasting your evaluations and scores, you can also keep an eye on your development and performance over time. This will enable you to arrange your revision appropriately and set realistic targets.

Why Class X ICSE Computer Specimen Paper?

Every student who wants to do well on their ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications exam needs to obtain the Specimen Papers for Computer Applications. They help learn and comprehend the material more fully in addition to being helpful for review and practice. They can assist you in:

  • Learn the principles and ideas behind computer applications: You can strengthen your knowledge and comprehension of the fundamental and sophisticated principles of computer applications by working through the example papers. Additionally, you can learn how to use them in various fields and situations.
  • Improve your coding and programming abilities: You may get better at coding and programming in a variety of languages, including Java, Python, C++, and others, by working through the sample papers. 
  • Examine the uses and potential of computer science: By working through the sample papers, you can learn about the many uses and potential of computer science in a variety of industries and domains, including business, entertainment, education, and health. Additionally, you can get knowledge about the most recent advancements and trends in technology and computer science.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Computer Class 10 ICSE Specimen paper now and start your preparation today!


1. Where can I download the Class 10 ICSE Computer Applications Specimen Paper for 2024?

CISCE every year provides the latest ICSE specimen paper for computer science class 10. Hence you can directly download the latest 2024 specimen paper from its official website. Or you can directly from here- ICSE Class 10 Computer Science Specimen Paper

2. What is the pattern of ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Specimen Paper for 2024? 

The 2024 specimen paper for ICSE class 10 has two sections- A and B. Section-A is a compulsory section consisting of  2 questions. Question 1 has 20 MCQs and Question 2 has 20 short-answer type questions. Then, Section-B has 6 questions each of 15 marks consisting of descriptive answer type questions.

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