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Hey, I'm Gaurav Suthar, a YouTuber with 500k+ Subscribers, Mentor, and Author who provides Best Quality Educational Content for students to achieve their goals.

I have worked with India's Top Edtech Companies like Unacademy, Adda 247, Sankalp Bharat etc. and Also Published my Own Sample Papers Book with India's Biggest Publisher - Educart

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Class 10 Chapter-wise Notes by Gaurav Suthar

Download Class 10 Science & SST chapter-wise handwritten notes by your favourite educator, Gaurav Suthar Sir.

Class 10 SST Ch-wise Handwritten Notes by Gaurav Suthar Sir

Chapter PDF Download
Rise of Nationalism in Europe Download
Nationalism in India Download
Resources and Development Download
Forest and Wildlife Resources Download
SST Dates Download
SST Maps Download

Class 10 Science Ch-wise Handwritten Notes by Gaurav Suthar Sir

Chapter PDF Download
Chemical Reactions and Equations Download
Acids, Bases and Salts Download
Metals and Non-Metals Download
Carbon and its Compounds Download
Life Processes Download
Control and Coordination Download
How do Organisms Reproduce? Download
Heredity and Evolution Download
Light : Reflection and Refraction Download
The Human Eye and the Colourful World Download
Electricity Download
Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Download
Our Environment Download

What Sets Him Apart:

  • Innovative teaching methods: He believes in making learning enjoyable and effective     through his unique teaching methods.
  • Recognition:  His notes and books, and his understanding of the online education system have received acclamation, assisting students to excel in their studies drastically.
  • Industry Experience: Having worked with major EdTech Educators, he is well aware of the dynamic landscape of online education.


  • Engaging  Videos: On Gaurav Suthar's YouTube channel, students can explore engaging     videos that offer dynamic, detailed, and informative lessons.
  • Free Resources: Access a variety of free study materials to support your learning journey.
  • Authored Books: Explore his books, accurately structured to help in exam preparation and enhance subject understanding.

How to Connect:

Gaurav sir invites every student to join him on this educational adventure, connecting on the YouTube channel "Gaurav Suthar (500k+ Subscribers)" for updates, live sessions, and a community of learners.

Gaurav Suthar's Learning Hub has a simple mission: Your success. Thank you for being a part of this learning community!

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