Class 12 Chemistry Term 2 Question Bank Self Practice Solutions
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Class 12 Chemistry Term 2 Question Bank Solutions

Our latest Class 12 Chemistry Question Bank proves as complete study material for the Term 2 Board exams. It includes New Competency-based Questions (objective and subjective) that will cover more than 50% of the paper pattern.

You can visit the links and download Self Practice Papers Solution PDFs from the table given below.

Self Practice Papers Solutions

Chapter Name Solutions PDF
Electrochemistry View
Chemical Kinetics View
Surface Chemistry View
d-and f-Block Elements View
Coordination Compounds View
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids View
Amines View

The beginning of the session 2021-22 was confusing for both teachers and students. This is why we have created the page linked below where you can find all the latest announcements and releases regarding Term 2 Board exams.

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