Self-Practice Solutions (Biology)

Class 12 Biology 2022-23 Question Bank Self Practice Solutions
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CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Bank Solutions 2022-23

Though many students love Biology as a subject, it covers various lengthy theoretical topics. Most of the students find difficulty memorising the essential terms and sometimes fail to understand several essential life processes. Not only that, if they genuinely show interest in the subject, it also helps them in scoring good marks in Board exams. So it’s great that you bought our Biology 22-23 Question Bank!

Below, we have provided Self Practice Solutions PDFs for all chapters of our 2022-23 Biology Question Bank.


Chapter Name View
Chapter 1 - Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants View
Chapter 2 - Human Reproduction View
Chapter 3 - Reproductive Health View
Chapter 4 - Principle of Inheritance and Variation View
Chapter 5 - Molecular Basis of Inheritance View
Chapter 6 - Evolution View
Chapter 7 - Human Health and Diseases View
Chapter 8 - Microbes in Human Welfare View
Chapter 9 - Biotechnology Principles and Processes View
Chapter 10 - Biotechnology and its Applications View
Chapter 11 - Organisms and Populations View
Chapter 12 - Ecosystem View
Chapter 13 - Biodiversity and Conservation View