Educart Final Revision 2023

CBSE Class 10 Final Revision Sample Paper
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Class 10 Final Revision CBSE Official Sample Paper 2022-23 with Detailed Explanations

Congratulations, you have unlocked another achievement–Buying our Class 10 Final Revision Book for 2023 board exams! 🎉🎉

With the urgency of the CBSE date sheet, it is fundamental to wrap up your preparation and move forward to final revision. At this time, we recommend concise material such as mind maps, brief notes and sample papers!

Now, we are here to save you even more time by providing board-relevant study material, official sample papers and the CBSE date sheet, ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Given below is a main subject-wise table to download CBSE official sample papers with additional features–Detailed Explanations and Marking Scheme Solutions. Download them to ease into final board prep most conveniently.

Subject Sample Paper Solution
PDF Download
English Download
Science Download
Mathematics Download
Social Science Download

Before you go, here are four quick tips to use Educart Class 10 Final Revision book and prepare the whole syllabus in no time:

  1. Use NCERT Concept Maps and Focus Points to recall your information on all the important topics/ lessons
  2. Read answers of all the most likely asked questions in previous year papers to get an idea on how to write answers in the exam
  3. Solve one Final Sample Paper under 3 hours with the help of the Time Management Chart from our CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper books
  4. Use the Marks Breakdown Charts to assess your answers and figure out which topics/ chapters you still need to work on.