CBSE Marking Scheme For Class 12 2023 PDF

Marking Scheme For Class 12 2023

Just like all the other CBSE examination resources, Marking Scheme Solutions work as an excellent guide for paper checkers as well as students. The paper checkers get an idea about grading each answer considerably while the students learn how to answer their papers.

These CBSE Class 12 Marking Scheme Solutions present some general instructions for the paper checker, the allotment of marks to every question, multiple possible answers, and a way to write them; available for their corresponding Previous Year Papers and Sample Papers.

Download Marking Scheme Of CBSE Class 12 Subjects Wise

Subjects Marking Scheme Solutions
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CBSE Marking Scheme 2023 Class 12

These Class 12 Marking Scheme Solutions include the following elements to help teachers and students in the best way possible.

  • Distribution of Marks: This gives an idea to the paper checkers about grading marks on a common basis and to students about how to write to-the-point answers.
  • Suggestive Answer Key: Marking Scheme Solutions also contain a few possible answers for every question, which the students can take help from.
  • Way to Present Answers: These resources also give a format to write the answers. According to that, the students must write long answers in bullets and underline some important points.
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