CBSE Class 12 Comic Book Psychology 2021

For the 2020-21 session, it was compulsory for teachers and students to adopt Art-integrated learning in teaching and learning practices. CBSE did this to bring out the creative imagination and cultural sensitivity in students.

On March 24, 2021, Hon'ble Minister of Education announced the release of 100+ comic books for students of Class 3 to 12 to support the Art-integrated study practice. These comics are created by teachers of CBSE affiliated schools, curated by NCERT, and made available on the Diksha platform.

As soon as these comics were released, we went through each of them to bring you a detailed analysis. Down below, you will find our observations of the CBSE Class 12 Psychology Comic Book made available so far by CBSE.

But first, here is the free PDF link of the Class 12 Psychology comic books that you can download to your computer without entering any login information.

Combined PDF
Class 12 Psychology Comic Book(s)

Chapters Chapter/ Topic-wise PDF
Chapter 4 Psychological Disorder (Anxiety Disorder)
Psychological Disorder (Schizophrenia)
Chapter 7 Social Influence and Group Processes

Now, let’s dive straight into what these Class 12 Psychology Comic Books have to offer.

The comic starts with some helping tools, such as the Index, Learning Outcomes, a brief Character Sketch, and Storyboard. Each of these elements give an idea of the comic book’s content and what the students will be able to learn going further.

But the question is that are these elements and the content of the comic book actually beneficial for students (as learning resources) and teachers (as teaching material)?

You can contemplate the same by reading the following Advantages and Shortfalls that we observed.


  • Keeps the Students Engaged: Even though the graphics are not presented professionally, these comic books work great in holding a student’s attention on the subject. The students may not remember all the content of the NCERT books at once but they will keep these stories in mind.
  • Connection with Reality: These comic books use pictorial representation to explain how a Psychological disorder can affect a person’s life. The presentation may not be excellent but the students will be able to get an idea of the same and connect their learning material with real-life situations.
  • Practice Questions: After every section, students have to answer some objective questions to test their knowledge and learn the concepts. This also helps the teachers to keep the students engaged even more.


  • Possibly Disturbing: Since these comic books use some critical examples to explain the concepts, it might trigger students or teachers that have actually experienced the same. So, it might not be a good idea for the comics to have such experiences presented pictorially in detail.
  • Unsuitable Questions: This comic book comes with worksheets after every section but each of them has some questions like “Fill in the Blanks” and “Match the Following”, which will not prepare for case-based and MCQ questions that are usually asked in Board exams now.
  • Not Enough Chapters: So far, the teachers and students only have a few topics from chapter 4 and 7 as per the NCERT textbook, which may not only create confusion in teaching methods but also take away students’ interest from learning other chapters. So, CBSE must think of releasing at least one comic book for each chapter.
  • Distractive: These books are supposed to be used as supplementary content for easy learning but some students can get distracted and spend hours reading all these mini books. Yet, they would not gain any better understanding of the provided topics than what NCERT textbook has to offer.

We hope this information helps you to decide if the CBSE Class 12 Comic Books are effective for learning the chapters in the curriculum better.

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