CBSE Class 10 Science Marking Scheme

Being a wide subject with three different sections named Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, Science can be an intimidating subject for many students. But all the students need to gain some confidence in their preparation are worthy CBSE examination resources.

CBSE provides teaching, learning, and examination materials including PDF files of Previous Year Papers, Sample Papers, Practice Papers, and their Marking Scheme Solutions. We, at Educart, are here to make sure that every student and teacher has full access to them.

In the tables given below, we have offered a list of links to the downloadable links of Class 10 Science Marking Scheme Solutions for CBSE Previous Year Papers and Sample Papers released over the years. Anyone can download these PDF files for free without entering any login information.

Class 10 Science Marking Scheme Solutions for Previous Year Papers

Year Marking Scheme Solutions
2020 View
2019 View
2018 View
2017 View
2016 View
2015 View

Class 10 Science Marking Scheme Solutions for Sample Papers

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